Aisin Transmission diagnostic troubleshooting for AW450-43LE Transmission 

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Have you ever Needed to retrieve trouble codes from Isuzu NPR and NQR trucks, Nissan UD, GMC, Chevrolet W3500 and W4500 or Mitsubishi Fuso trucks with the Aisin 450-43LE transmission or the Aisin AS68Rc transmission? And found yourself wondering how to retrieve transmission trouble codes without the use of an expensive factory type scanner or software?

Have you needed diagnostics help or information for Aisin Transmissions? We offer Diagnostic trouble code retrieval procedures as well as descriptions and diagnostics for these transmissions.


aisin 450-43le transmission
The Aisin 450-43LE transmission is a four speed automatic transmission
with lock-up torque converter.

The Aisin 450-43LE transmission was introduced in 1998 in Mitsubishi Fuso trucks,
Nissan UD 1500 and 1600 trucks, Bering Trucks, Isuzu NPR and NQR trucks as well as
GMC and Chevrolet W3500 and W4500 trucks.

The Aisin AS68RC transmission is a six speed automatic transmission                                                              
with lock-up torque converter.
This transmission was first introduced in 2004 in Mitsubishi Fuso trucks, Isuzu trucks introduced
in 2006 and called the A465.
Dodge trucks with Cummins diesel Have the AS68RC transmission starting in 2007 model years as
well as the Sterling Bullet trucks


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